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Jetta’s an exciting newcomer in Music; Listen to Feels Like Coming Home

the Liverpudlian indie pop songstress introduced herself last year by lending her vocal’s to Jakwob’s single ‘Electrify’. Since she’s hastily been working and writing on her own solo material. The work materialised is sounding very very promising. 

Jetta Feels Like Coming Home ReviewAfter the Jakwob collaboration, there’s been the release of debut single ‘Start a Riot’, which is included onto the the ‘Mortal Instruments; City of Bones’ soundtrack. Certainly not a bad start, it is however new single ‘Feels Like Coming Home’, a mid tempo ballad, which really caught our attention.

The songwriting is sublime; ”At the back of the alley You’re wearing my coat while sleeping It feels like I’ve come home” , the piano melody and heavy bass, have turned ‘Feels Like Coming Home’ into an instant favourite of ours.

‘Feels like Coming Home’ was released through Polydor Records December 16 already, so it’s quite a riddle to us why Jetta hasn’t seen the success she deserves chart wise.

But not all is lost, if she continues to put out music like this, it’s only a matter of time until the music world embraces Jetta and showers her with the success she deserves. Listen to Feels Like Coming Home below:

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